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QR Code Advantages

QR Code advantages are numerous. This post is to showcase just a few examples of QR Code advantages that compliments the business owner as well as the individual sharing their photo album with a friend.

Sears use of their QR Code is awesome. It could mean the difference between closing or loosing a sale. A customer with a QR Code reader on their mobile phone can
be directed to a video that shows features and benefits of the tool while they are in the store.

Right now, as you read this page, people on uQR.me are using their dynamic QR’s to expand their network, enhance their business, sell their products, promote their website, showcase their art, find a job, play with friends… the options are limitless. Bloggers, Twitter and Facebook users, musicians, videomakers, party people, ministers, marketing professionals, realtors, retailers, wine distributors, job recruiting companies, and scholars has a QR Code in their tool box of marketing.
QR Codes will make your audience’s point of passion actionable: posters, stickers, flyers, packaging, T-shirts (and lots more) become a rich point of discovery. Your new fan can immediately experience video, download digital content, connect on social networks, win prizes, and soon even make purchases.

The computational knowledge engine wolframalpha.com can now generate QR Codes. If you type in “QR Code:” followed by the information (up to 7KB of data) you want encoded a QR Code is generated with the option to change the size, download as a PDF.

QR Code advantages are plentiful, however it can be aggravating to someone without the capability of a mobile phone QR reader to scan the Code.
Oh well they’ll get over it, because QR Codes are here to stay.

Rockyj Owens


Cycle Today

Cycle Today

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