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Complete Auto Wash And Wax Newsletter

Complete Auto Wash And Wax

Dress For Success From Heel To Wheel

**Celebrating our 15th Anniversary
Complete Auto Wash And Wax We are proud and thankful for the past, present and future support from you, the New and Old Tenants at the

To celebrate this momentous occasion, please join us Tuesday November 1, 2011 from 7:00 am until 2:00 pm for a cup of JavaPlus or Melaleuca Juice & snacks in the foyer. There will be plenty of FREE stuff and special drawings for all.

Question: How many times should you detail your auto?
Answer: Minimum once every season. Why? Every day our cars are subjected to sun, salt from snow trucks, grease and grime from the road, acid rain, smog, tree sap, dead bugs, and worst of all, the ever-acidic compound of bird poop bombs. We’ve all been riddled and splattered at one time or another.

All of these malleable menaces eat away at a car’s metal and chrome. They dull the paint. They corrode and cause rust under the carriage, in the wheel wells, even under the hood. They destroy your pride and joy drop by drop, day after day. You may not see it right away, but over time they will contribute to the decay of your car’s exterior, ultimately diminishing its resale value.

Fall into Winter with a spa treatment for your car.
Includes a hand wash and paste wax. Featuring Jax Wax Regular price $100. Now Only $75. Save $25 Expires Dec. 30, 2011. Pick up your coupon in the foyer flyer display, or at the car wash on level P2. Or just print out a copy of this newsletter.

Rainy Weather Interior Detail $55 and up. Call for an appointment today. 314-621-5711

Tip of the day:1. A smoothe detailed finish has less drag and friction, therefore improving your gas mileage. Every penny counts. 2. Clear your trunk. One hundred pounds can add @ 2% to your gasoline budget.

FALL INTO WINTER Product of the Month Jax Wax The best protection for your car
with a glass-like finish.

First Yearly plan Purchase(Unlimited car washes for an entire year only $399.99 . Save over $100.00). and receive a $25.00 Gift Certificate at Kemoll’s Top of the Met.

First appointment for an Ultimate-Ultimate Detail: Interior shampoo, Exterior Jax Wax and Odor Elimination for your air circulation system. Receive a $25 Gift Certificate at the New Shula’s 347 Grill at the Roberts Tower.

CARPOOL SPECIAL $5.00 off any service

Leave us a review at Yelp .com and treat your date to dinner at the Millenium Hotel’s Top of the Riverfront, St. Louis’ only revolving restaurant.

Buy One Entree, Get a Second Entree 50% Off!
Valid Tuesday – Thursday and Sunday Brunch
Bring in this newsletter to redeem offer! (Limited time offer).

Gift cards available, just call 314-621-5711

Welcome to all of our new Tenants. Take $5.00 off any service. Expires Jan. 31, 2011 Call for appointment please.

Microfiber cloth special Buy 3 get 1 Free, Each pack of three will help save a tree, 4/ $5.00. Rubber Floor mats set of four, $39.99 Tan Gray Black. You and a friend Buy 3 get 1 Free. Available on Level P2. or call: 314-621-5711

Don’t forget our other services: Windshield repair, oil changes, body work & paint-less dent repair. Limo Services Thanks to our at your place affiliates.

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Until next time, “Dress for success from Heel to Wheel”.

Rockyj Owens

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The Young Entrepreneur & Mentor(S) Consortium got a feel of what it is to own a car wash business first hand, July 30, 2011. The temperature was @ 110 degrees in the shade at Complete Auto Wash And Wax. Not only was there no breeze, the heat from the engines of the vehicles being cleaned adds @10-20 more degrees. One Young Entrepreneur looked at me with a sweat filled face and said: I want to be the CEO. That’s the attitude of many of our young folks who have made a choice or choice(s) that disrupted their mission. Their mission to live a fruitful life. A SECOND CHANCE is what the Young Entrepreneur Mentor(S) Consortium is all about. Many of us wouldn’t be where we are if it wasn’t for a SECOND CHANCE. To learn more about the Young Entrepreneurs’ Mentor(S) Consortium call Jack Johnson @ 618-514-7840 or Rockyj Owens @ 618-550-9379

Rockyj Owens

COMPLETE AUTO WASH AND WAX Parking Level P2211 n. Broadway St. Louis Mo. 314-621-5711

Everyday there is young man that parks on the P2 level near the car wash work area. His cars are always clean and neverin need of our services. Finally I asked him, who takes care of your vehicles? His reply was, I do.He then proceeded to his Lexus trunk and placed in my hand a16oz bottle of Jax Wax, which is a liquid carnauba paste wax. Try this on your car and let me know what you think, he said.Jax Wax was so easy to apply and polish, to a mirror like shine. It was absolutely amazing.Winterize your car and get the amazing protection and shine of Jax Wax. Order today. I did.Rockyj

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