Perpetual Fundraising

If you or your group are looking for a fundraising idea, Look No More.

With over 50 million people uninsured, this 911 Free Prescription Card, which saves from 10%-75% on medications and @ 50% on MRI’s and lab test, is a Perpetual fundraiser for you or your group. Please feel free to add this 911 Free Prescription Card to your literature, bulletins etc. and you can also include this FREE gift with your existing fundraising activities.

Here is the good part. I will donate $.50 to your organization, every time the prescription card is used, for the life of the card. How’s that for residual donations?

Or, you can sign you and or your organization up and get yours or their own 911 Free Prescription Cards with your special group # and receive $!.00 each time the discount card is used.

With a one time investment of only $45.00 to Pay It Forward Alliance, who is the founder of 911 Gas Card/Free Prescription Card and only $39.95 for 1000 two sided 911 Gas Card/ Free Prescription Cards, you will also receive the proof. Now your group can get creative, and have your group ID number, imprinted on t-shirts, pens, you name it. You or your group can plant the seeds of Free Prescription Cards, creating a perpetual fundraiser.

Could you or your organization use an extra $.50 or $1.00 every time one of your Free Gifts has saved a recipient of your 911 Free Prescription Discount Card 10%- 75% percent on their medications. WIN! WIN! WIN!

To get started today, you can share the 911 Free Prescription Card and receive $.50 each time this 911 Free Prescription card is used. Or sign up with 911 Gas Card and receive $1.00 each time your personal 911 Gas Card/Free Prescription Discount Card is used.

We can help a lot of folks relieve some of the pressure we all feel, with the rising costs of gas and prescriptions. Join Me.

To sign up or to get more info just call. 618-550-9379 Or visit:

To your health & wealth,

Rockyj Owens