Happy Anniversary To Me. August 12, 2011 represents a landmark in my life. A year ago today I suffered a stroke due to high blood pressure and high Cholesterol. I should have known better. My family history of high blood pressure was prominent.
One year ago today, I awoke to my regular routine, answering the bell at @ 5:30a and thanking Our Father for yet another day. Nothing exceptionally different than any other day except a slight blur of my vision (symptom). My original thought was that I must have gotten something in my eyes while shaving. Not! No brother, you were on your way out.
During the day at work, my blurred vision seemed to gradually worsen, to the point that the marble walls in the lobby at the Met seemed to be falling in on me. Then my vision began to improve, and then worsen again. (Symptom).

Here’s the miracle. Next a trip to Walgreens to get some eye drop to help clear my vision. The pharmacy tech suggested That I see a doctor after listening to my symptoms. Well it’s after 4:30 in the evening, where do you find a doctor. My personal optometrist is usually gone at this time of the evening. But he was not only in the office late, he answered the phone. He heard my plea and said come on in. He began his examination. One he looked inside my eyes with his light instrument, without looking up, he said to my wife, get him to the emergency room asap. I will fax all the information to the emergency room. After a complete examination, my doctor informed me that I had a mild stroke, and they found scar tissue from a previous stroke.

Even while hospitalized for three days I had no loss of motion, my extremities were in tact but my vision was impaired quite severely. I remember my sweet, adorable wife, who helped save my life, ask me to look at her so she could check me out. I remember her reaction after I reluctantly turned around for my inspection. This wonderful angel said. DAMM! I immediately had to see me, myself. I looked in the mirror, and I had the same reaction as my dear wife. DAMM! One eyeball was looking south, while the other eyeball was looking straight ahead. I was a hot mess.

Here is my point to this post. After a week of rehabilitating I thought I was recovering exceptionally well. My blood pressure was good, the patch on the southbound eye was working out well, and I’m back at work. All’s good right. Wrong. That evening on the way home from a mild day at work, BOOM! I was dizzy, breathing was a challenge, my eyelids felt awfully heavy and I was scared to close my eye lids, because they were so heavy. I didn’t know if I would be able to open them again. I actually felt as if I could die. I’m here to tell you, near death is no joke. Take care of yourself. Take your medications on time, keep a close eye on your blood pressure & Cholesterol readings, get your yearly physical.

One year later
, my vision is well, except for my peripheral vision. My memory is kind of weak at times, but half of that is due to my age. All I can say is, “Thank You Lord For All You’ve Done For Me”. Happy Anniversary 1 Year Stroke Recovery.

Rockyj Owens