The Young Entrepreneur & Mentor(S) Consortium got a feel of what it is to own a car wash business first hand, July 30, 2011. The temperature was @ 110 degrees in the shade at Complete Auto Wash And Wax. Not only was there no breeze, the heat from the engines of the vehicles being cleaned adds @10-20 more degrees. One Young Entrepreneur looked at me with a sweat filled face and said: I want to be the CEO. That’s the attitude of many of our young folks who have made a choice or choice(s) that disrupted their mission. Their mission to live a fruitful life. A SECOND CHANCE is what the Young Entrepreneur Mentor(S) Consortium is all about. Many of us wouldn’t be where we are if it wasn’t for a SECOND CHANCE. To learn more about the Young Entrepreneurs’ Mentor(S) Consortium call Jack Johnson @ 618-514-7840 or Rockyj Owens @ 618-550-9379

Rockyj Owens