How to avoid paying a fine in your non smoking rental car, when you or a guest has smoked? Your first solution is not to allow smoking in your rental car by you or your guest. Second, you can turn your rental car in and be at the mercy of your rental agent, who may or may not detect that the vehicle has been violated. Good Luck on that happening.

When the returned vehicle has to be prepped for the next customer, the aroma of burned tobacco leaves may be detected. If so a fine of $250.00 is issued to the last known renter YOU. Third, you can have the entire interior of your rental car detailed by a skilled technician. Cost for this service is about $200.00. Or you can just do it yourself.

Here’s how:
First thing you have to do is gather your tools. You’ll need a vacuum cleaner, toothbrush, bucket of clean water, @ 4 microfiber cloths, name brand carpet cleaner, spot light and a spray disinfectant.

Begin by vacuuming the carpeting, starting at the drivers side and rotate around to the passenger front. Be sure to vacuum the carpet mats first so they can began to dry.

Next spray a microfiber cloth with disinfectant and wipe down the entire interior, every nick and cranny. Now here is the key to eliminating the smoking odor in the vehicle. Pop the hood, locate the vents for the ventilation system. Turn on the air conditioner to the maximum level, full blast. Spray a blast of disinfectant directly into the ventilation system under the hood and close the doors. Success.

You may have avoided paying a fine in a non- smoking rental car. But wait, a call from a desperate (smoking ) renter asked if we could change the color of the smoking tape sensor in the rental car. I told the caller I had no knowledge of the tape smoke detector system. Does anyone know what the customer was talking about? If so leave a comment. Thanks.

Rockyj Owens