Why I Love Friday the 13th

Only around 10 percent of modern day Americans believe that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day, yet it is still a well recognized superstition, causing people to joke about it and be perhaps a little more cautious than usual.[1] Friday the thirteenth falls between one and three times a year,[2] providing you with a good excuse for celebrating it in a fun way and perhaps, even for facing your fears about it should you have any.

Whether or not you think it’s an unlucky day, or an unlucky number, celebrating the day might be a way to throw less negative light on it and serve as some reassurance for you.

Why I Love Friday the 13th and celebrate it today, is found in the results of two incidents.

1. Christian tradition points to unlucky 13 in that Judas, betrayer of Jesus, was the 13th guest at the Last Supper.

2. Christian tradition also points to a reason for bad luck being associated with Friday – it’s the day of the week on which Jesus was crucified.

Without these two incidents in history, we would still be lost. However because of these two incidents in history, we are found.
That’s Why I Love Friday the 13th.

Rockyj Owens