In my opinion, Mr. Charlie Sheen, professionally, deserves a public apology from management.

I also believe that Mr. Charlie Sheen owes a public apology to management, crew, you and me.

There are special gifts given to some of us and Mr. Charlie Sheen has one of those special gifts.. The gift to win. He has the ability to defeat any challenge that robs him of his personal wholeness and drive to win, when he decides in his mind and spirit, enough is enough.

AA is good for many, but for a few it’s a room of fellow liars and hypocrites’ who can’t wait until the session is over, so that they can get their drink, or drug of choice on.

However, as a business owner I understand how management expects each employee to conduct themselves in on and off stage. Therefore I suggest that both sides kiss and make up, because it seems that in this case, we all loose. Me, you , management crew and Mr. Charlie Sheen.

It has been said “no one man is an island”. There are stories of great men and women who were at the top of their game, and in the twinkling of an eye, found themselves looking up to see the bottom. Why? Because of the words and or actions of those concerned.

At the same time, some guys are an island, they are good at what they do and would succeed in their future endeavors. I personally would prefer to see the next episode of the funniest sit-com on TV. Two And A Half Men. Can I get an Amen!

Rockyj Owens