The Grammy Awards is a first class production, with few if any glitches, such as wrong camera angles or sound systems dead air time. The one thing that made me most proud of the Grammy Award family, is they stayed true to their heritage. The Best New Artist may not sell the most CD’s or be the most popular new artist.
Jazz artist aren’t typically nominated in this category, which makes this extra special.

Please meet our newest Young Positive Role Model, Ms. Esperanza Spalding, the 53rd Grammy Awards 2011 Best New Artist of the Year. Esperanza deftly blends classical and jazz to create modern chamber music, with touches of folk and world music as well.

Although she was raised in a single parent home, that didn’t stop Esperanza Spalding from finding and pursuing her niche in life. Jazz. She has performed for President Barack Obama, worked with Jazz legends like Herbie Hancock and Prince.

What makes Esperanza stand apart from many artist is her desire to shine the light on not only herself, but wishes her accomplishment illuminates the many facets of jazz for her and her colleagues alike.
Her next performance will be in Portland Oregon at the Portland Center for the Performing Arts, Newmark Center.

Esperanza stated back stage that finding and pursuing her niche in life was easy, because of her love for music. “It’s in my heart” she said. Keep your eyes and ears open for her latest release “Chamber Music Society”. Meet our newest Young Positive Role Model. Ms. Esperanza Spalding.

Rockyj Owens