Cash for your gold, in many cases is a godsend. Whether to assist in paying on a house note, car payment or in today’s economy, just a tank of gas could be a blessing. However with gold hovering around $1000.00/OZ you must beware of the cash for your gold wolves in sheep’s clothing. So what should you do with your valuables? Who, where, how, do you get a fair deal on your gold for cash? Knowledge rules! you go to your local pawn shop, or personal Jeweler? How about as seen on T.V. buyers of fine metals. Before you send your items to one of those popular T.V. cash for your gold buyers, check out these posts on the Complaints Board site.1. One Cash 4 gold client states: What a rip off. They sent 2 rings which had a written appraisal from a reputable Jeweler for $800.00. The company wrote back and said that the rings were 12kt gold not 14k and that the stones were not sapphire and diamonds. You talk to customer service to no avail. What a mess.2. A former employee at cash 4 gold states: They sometimes would receive yourvaluables and like them so much, that they would claim to not have received theitems, just so the top people or even favored people, can get first dibs on youritems. From which point they issue an insurance claim for up to $100.00 Maximum.Good luck in getting in touch with customer service within the allotted timeto get your goods back.3. Here’s what I’m talking about. A recent expose by Channel 10 News in San Diego unveiled the ridiculously low prices people can expect to get from “cash for gold” companies. In the sting, the news station purchased four gold rings for $58 apiece, and then shipped them off to three popular gold and jewelry buyers:, and http://www.Get Gold Channel 10 then sold the last ring to a San Diego pawnshop. Here is how it shook out:* sent the Channel 10 News I-Team a check for $2.80.* sent two checks — one for $2.92 and another for $4.99 (presumably an “upgrade” from the first offer), for a total of $7.91.* Get Gold paid $7.63 for the ring.* The pawnshop did the best, paying out $18.50 for the ring on an afternoon where gold was trading at about $9 per gram.So what is the solution? What do you do with your precious metals? Sell, Hold or Buy. Know who you’re dealing with. There are a lot of fly-by-night gold dealers out there, but there are a lot of good guys, too. So if you’re looking to buy or sell gold, you’ve got to do your homework. So check out a company you like, ask how long has it been in existence, how long the owner has been at the helm, and see if he or she belongs to any professional organizations (a very good sign as professional groups usually adhere to uniform, higher standards).2. Know what gold buyers are expecting. Companies like Cash4Gold are in the scrap gold market. Basically, they take your scrap gold, melt it down, and sell it to dealers and other institutional buyers. So if you want to sell your gold and jewelry, know what the “spot price” is for your gold. You’ll have to weigh your gold first, measure it in grams, and calculate the expected value.3. Don’t expect to get full price. Buying new gold is a lot like buying a new car. The value goes down when you take it out of the store parking lot.BUY:4. Buy direct from Uncle Sam. You can buy from a reputable dealer, but it’s best to buy gold coins directly from the U.S. Mint. They offer a pretty good deal on American Eagle gold bullion coins.Whether you’re wanting to receive cash for your gold, or wanting to buy gold. Knowledge rules. for your gold a blessing or a curse? Buy or sell. Knowledge rules.

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