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Are gas prices going down
Gas prices are going down? What a difference a State makes, on the purchase of a GALLON OF GAS.

It’s kind of sad to think that a Shell sign made me feel soooo good. It was like hitting a jackpot or similar to having the power ball #, but no other numbers in the Lottery.

Back in the day in East St. Louis on 33rd and bond ave. I remember when a gallon of gas cost $.50.

The change in your ashtray would buy you just enough gas to get you home.

Where and what was the lowest price for a gallon of gas in your neighborhood. Do you remember?

Oh well, back to reality. Are gas prices really going down, or do I have to relocate to Jackson Mississippi to purchase a gallon of gas for $3.19.


StandUp for Women Veterans

StandUp for Women Veterans an event held November 12, 2011 at the E. St. Louis City Hall was an overwhelming success.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in paying it forward to our Women Veterans. Here is a glimpse of the activities that were available for our Lady’s

A Special day Of Pampering and Information just for women veterans

Join The VFW and other Women Veteran Organizations

Intake with attorneys regarding family law, warrants, discharge upgrades, consumer issues and other legal matters

Employment opportunities — recruiting and resume preparation

Healthcare Screenings

Counseling and suicide prevention services

Clothing for kids and adults

Free haircuts and manicures from Paul Mitchell The School-St. Louis

Gardening tips

Free on-site child care available

Information from other state and federal agencies

Free YMCA passes

911 Free Prescription Card

StandUp for Women Veterans was an overwhelming success Saturday November 12, held at the E. St. Louis City Hall.

A great time was had by all who participated in sharing resources, hope and prizes for our Women Veterans. Here is a glimpse of the activities.

A Special day Of Pampering and Information just for women veterans

Join The VFW and other Women Veteran Organizations

Intake with attorneys regarding family law, warrants, discharge upgrades, consumer issues and other legal matters

Employment opportunities — recruiting and resume preparation

Healthcare Screenings

Counseling and suicide prevention services

Clothing for kids and adults

Free haircuts and manicures from Paul Mitchell The School-St. Louis

Gardening tips

Free on-site child care available

Information from other state and federal agencies

Free YMCA passes

Free Email Accounts

Free Prescription Card

The StandUp for Women Veterans event was a great opportunity to show our Veterans, we are appreciative of their sacrifices and service to keep us safe and free. Looking forward to the next event. Be there.

Rockyj Owens

Complete Auto Wash And Wax Newsletter

Complete Auto Wash And Wax

Dress For Success From Heel To Wheel

**Celebrating our 15th Anniversary
Complete Auto Wash And Wax We are proud and thankful for the past, present and future support from you, the New and Old Tenants at the

To celebrate this momentous occasion, please join us Tuesday November 1, 2011 from 7:00 am until 2:00 pm for a cup of JavaPlus or Melaleuca Juice & snacks in the foyer. There will be plenty of FREE stuff and special drawings for all.

Question: How many times should you detail your auto?
Answer: Minimum once every season. Why? Every day our cars are subjected to sun, salt from snow trucks, grease and grime from the road, acid rain, smog, tree sap, dead bugs, and worst of all, the ever-acidic compound of bird poop bombs. We’ve all been riddled and splattered at one time or another.

All of these malleable menaces eat away at a car’s metal and chrome. They dull the paint. They corrode and cause rust under the carriage, in the wheel wells, even under the hood. They destroy your pride and joy drop by drop, day after day. You may not see it right away, but over time they will contribute to the decay of your car’s exterior, ultimately diminishing its resale value.

Fall into Winter with a spa treatment for your car.
Includes a hand wash and paste wax. Featuring Jax Wax Regular price $100. Now Only $75. Save $25 Expires Dec. 30, 2011. Pick up your coupon in the foyer flyer display, or at the car wash on level P2. Or just print out a copy of this newsletter.

Rainy Weather Interior Detail $55 and up. Call for an appointment today. 314-621-5711

Tip of the day:1. A smoothe detailed finish has less drag and friction, therefore improving your gas mileage. Every penny counts. 2. Clear your trunk. One hundred pounds can add @ 2% to your gasoline budget.

FALL INTO WINTER Product of the Month Jax Wax The best protection for your car
with a glass-like finish.

First Yearly plan Purchase(Unlimited car washes for an entire year only $399.99 . Save over $100.00). and receive a $25.00 Gift Certificate at Kemoll’s Top of the Met.

First appointment for an Ultimate-Ultimate Detail: Interior shampoo, Exterior Jax Wax and Odor Elimination for your air circulation system. Receive a $25 Gift Certificate at the New Shula’s 347 Grill at the Roberts Tower.

CARPOOL SPECIAL $5.00 off any service

Leave us a review at Yelp .com and treat your date to dinner at the Millenium Hotel’s Top of the Riverfront, St. Louis’ only revolving restaurant.

Buy One Entree, Get a Second Entree 50% Off!
Valid Tuesday – Thursday and Sunday Brunch
Bring in this newsletter to redeem offer! (Limited time offer).

Gift cards available, just call 314-621-5711

Welcome to all of our new Tenants. Take $5.00 off any service. Expires Jan. 31, 2011 Call for appointment please.

Microfiber cloth special Buy 3 get 1 Free, Each pack of three will help save a tree, 4/ $5.00. Rubber Floor mats set of four, $39.99 Tan Gray Black. You and a friend Buy 3 get 1 Free. Available on Level P2. or call: 314-621-5711

Don’t forget our other services: Windshield repair, oil changes, body work & paint-less dent repair. Limo Services Thanks to our at your place affiliates.

Affiliate Of The Month
ICard E-mailable gift cards that offers over 180 merchants to choose from with no expiration date, and no hidden charges. Customize your company campaign.

Please accept this 911 FREE Prescription Card…It is a way for me to help you and your family with the high cost of prescription medications, laboratory and imaging, while helping a non-profit organization.

Feel free to Print the 911 Free Prescription Card below or copy the information on the right side of the card and present to your pharmacist and start saving..It’s that simple. Everyone qualifies… No fees…No hassle…Just savings!!!)…

This card is not for everyone, but to the over 50 million people without any insurance coverage, and those with very little insurance coverage, any savings will be appreciated.

Great Fundraiser, organizations receive $.50-$1.00 for each
prescription filled using the 911 Free Prescription Card.
Just for sharing the card. Help me help others. Thanks.

For more info on how the 911 Free Prescription Card
works just call Rockyj @ 618-550-9379 or visit my blog.

Until next time, “Dress for success from Heel to Wheel”.

Rockyj Owens

911 Free Prescription Card

Start Saving 10%-75% Today

Perpetual Fundraising

If you or your group are looking for a fundraising idea, Look No More.

With over 50 million people uninsured, this 911 Free Prescription Card, which saves from 10%-75% on medications and @ 50% on MRI’s and lab test, is a Perpetual fundraiser for you or your group. Please feel free to add this 911 Free Prescription Card to your literature, bulletins etc. and you can also include this FREE gift with your existing fundraising activities.

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Or, you can sign you and or your organization up and get yours or their own 911 Free Prescription Cards with your special group # and receive $!.00 each time the discount card is used.

With a one time investment of only $45.00 to Pay It Forward Alliance, who is the founder of 911 Gas Card/Free Prescription Card and only $39.95 for 1000 two sided 911 Gas Card/ Free Prescription Cards, you will also receive the proof. Now your group can get creative, and have your group ID number, imprinted on t-shirts, pens, you name it. You or your group can plant the seeds of Free Prescription Cards, creating a perpetual fundraiser.

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We can help a lot of folks relieve some of the pressure we all feel, with the rising costs of gas and prescriptions. Join Me.

To sign up or to get more info just call. 618-550-9379 Or visit:

To your health & wealth,

Rockyj Owens

Bio Diesel The Fuel Of The Future?
Biodiesel is the name of a non petroleum based fuel made out of natural sources such as animal fats or vegetable oils, such as corn or soy oil. Bio diesel is created by transesterification of vegetable oils or animal fats into myth esters. The end product is very similar to ordinary diesel so most vehicles, storage systems, require no modifications. One major advantage of biodiesel is that unlike petroleum based diesel product it is clean burning and renewable, in fact tail pipe emissions can be reduced by as much as 80% by use of bio diesel compared to ordinary diesel. Another major advantage for bio diesel is that raw materials are grown locally in the United States which supports the local economy.

Bio Diesel The Fuel Of The Future?

Songwriter Willie Nelson says yes.
Willie Nelson has fueled millions of fans worldwide with music for decades, but when it comes to his fuel of choice, the country music star has proclaimed himself a fan of biodiesel. Biodiesel, an alternative fuel made from renewable fats or vegetable oils, can be used in any diesel engine, including the star’s 2005 Mercedes 320 CDI. Nelson picked up his brand new vehicle at the dock and drove it straight to the pump at Pacific Biodiesel, a Hawaii-based manufacturer.

“I am absolutely a fan of biodiesel,” Nelson said. “I use it in my car because I’m a firm believer in using renewable fuels that are better for our environment. We should all be doing our part to reduce our reliance on foreign oil and contribute to our own economy. On top of all that, biodiesel use helps our nation’s family farmers, while preserving the land for future generations.”

With energy prices rising in recent years, especially the prices of gasoline, car manufacturers have looked into alternative sources of energy to power their products. Bio diesel fuel contains more energy than gasoline commonly used in cars and is cheaper to produce. Combined with increasing environment conscious population, makes biodiesel powered cars a winner. Car makers know this and so we will soon see more and more bio diesel compatible vehicles coming off the assembly lines in the near future.

Until Bio Diesel is the choice of most drivers in America, all we can do is conserve and continue to feel the pressure at the pump.
Or visit and discover how many drivers are releasing the pressure at the pump with 911 Gas Cards

Rockyj Owens

Happy Anniversary To Me. August 12, 2011 represents a landmark in my life. A year ago today I suffered a stroke due to high blood pressure and high Cholesterol. I should have known better. My family history of high blood pressure was prominent.
One year ago today, I awoke to my regular routine, answering the bell at @ 5:30a and thanking Our Father for yet another day. Nothing exceptionally different than any other day except a slight blur of my vision (symptom). My original thought was that I must have gotten something in my eyes while shaving. Not! No brother, you were on your way out.
During the day at work, my blurred vision seemed to gradually worsen, to the point that the marble walls in the lobby at the Met seemed to be falling in on me. Then my vision began to improve, and then worsen again. (Symptom).

Here’s the miracle. Next a trip to Walgreens to get some eye drop to help clear my vision. The pharmacy tech suggested That I see a doctor after listening to my symptoms. Well it’s after 4:30 in the evening, where do you find a doctor. My personal optometrist is usually gone at this time of the evening. But he was not only in the office late, he answered the phone. He heard my plea and said come on in. He began his examination. One he looked inside my eyes with his light instrument, without looking up, he said to my wife, get him to the emergency room asap. I will fax all the information to the emergency room. After a complete examination, my doctor informed me that I had a mild stroke, and they found scar tissue from a previous stroke.

Even while hospitalized for three days I had no loss of motion, my extremities were in tact but my vision was impaired quite severely. I remember my sweet, adorable wife, who helped save my life, ask me to look at her so she could check me out. I remember her reaction after I reluctantly turned around for my inspection. This wonderful angel said. DAMM! I immediately had to see me, myself. I looked in the mirror, and I had the same reaction as my dear wife. DAMM! One eyeball was looking south, while the other eyeball was looking straight ahead. I was a hot mess.

Here is my point to this post. After a week of rehabilitating I thought I was recovering exceptionally well. My blood pressure was good, the patch on the southbound eye was working out well, and I’m back at work. All’s good right. Wrong. That evening on the way home from a mild day at work, BOOM! I was dizzy, breathing was a challenge, my eyelids felt awfully heavy and I was scared to close my eye lids, because they were so heavy. I didn’t know if I would be able to open them again. I actually felt as if I could die. I’m here to tell you, near death is no joke. Take care of yourself. Take your medications on time, keep a close eye on your blood pressure & Cholesterol readings, get your yearly physical.

One year later
, my vision is well, except for my peripheral vision. My memory is kind of weak at times, but half of that is due to my age. All I can say is, “Thank You Lord For All You’ve Done For Me”. Happy Anniversary 1 Year Stroke Recovery.

Rockyj Owens

The Young Entrepreneur & Mentor(S) Consortium got a feel of what it is to own a car wash business first hand, July 30, 2011. The temperature was @ 110 degrees in the shade at Complete Auto Wash And Wax. Not only was there no breeze, the heat from the engines of the vehicles being cleaned adds @10-20 more degrees. One Young Entrepreneur looked at me with a sweat filled face and said: I want to be the CEO. That’s the attitude of many of our young folks who have made a choice or choice(s) that disrupted their mission. Their mission to live a fruitful life. A SECOND CHANCE is what the Young Entrepreneur Mentor(S) Consortium is all about. Many of us wouldn’t be where we are if it wasn’t for a SECOND CHANCE. To learn more about the Young Entrepreneurs’ Mentor(S) Consortium call Jack Johnson @ 618-514-7840 or Rockyj Owens @ 618-550-9379

Rockyj Owens

How to score a touchdown in life, when it’s fourth down and long, on the 1 inch yard line, with no time outs remaining? It’s quite simple. First let’s review the situation.

It’s a beautiful day to play the game of life, sunny and bright with a slight breeze. We have the home field advantage over our cross town rivals, in our brand new state of the art stadium.

We’re in the fourth quarter with the ball of life on the 1 inch yard line. no time outs remaining. We huddle, and now we have to decide which play to call to win this hard, rough and tough game of life. What are our options?

Once we tried the end around formation, and got trapped in the backfield for a loss of yards, said the full back. No let’s not go that route said the center. OOOH. OOOH I know said a panic voiced rookie team mate. Lets go straight up the middle with a quarterback sneak. No, no said another veteran team mate and star wide receiver. Lets throw me a Hell Mary pass to the back of the in zone for a touch down and win this game. You are the quarterback in this crucial play in this game of life. Whats your call?

How do you score a touchdown in life, when its fourth down and long on the 1 inch yard line, with no time outs remaining? It’s quite simple.

Look over to the side line and look into the eyes of the COACH. If anyone would know which play to call at this crucial time in the game, it would be the COACH. After all he wrote the book. SEEK HE FIRST….

That’s how to score a touchdown in life, when it’s fourth down and long on the 1 inch yard line, with no time outs remaining. LOOK UP into the eyes of your COACH. What are those winning eyes of the COACH telling you to do?

If you and your COACH are on the same page of the play book, you as the quarterback and leader of the team, will be ready and confident in your choice, when selecting that one last play you call, to win this game of life. Are you and your COACH on the same page? Are you ready to make the call? If not check out Matt:6:33 Seek Ye First….

Rockyj Owens

How to avoid paying a fine in your non smoking rental car, when you or a guest has smoked? Your first solution is not to allow smoking in your rental car by you or your guest. Second, you can turn your rental car in and be at the mercy of your rental agent, who may or may not detect that the vehicle has been violated. Good Luck on that happening.

When the returned vehicle has to be prepped for the next customer, the aroma of burned tobacco leaves may be detected. If so a fine of $250.00 is issued to the last known renter YOU. Third, you can have the entire interior of your rental car detailed by a skilled technician. Cost for this service is about $200.00. Or you can just do it yourself.

Here’s how:
First thing you have to do is gather your tools. You’ll need a vacuum cleaner, toothbrush, bucket of clean water, @ 4 microfiber cloths, name brand carpet cleaner, spot light and a spray disinfectant.

Begin by vacuuming the carpeting, starting at the drivers side and rotate around to the passenger front. Be sure to vacuum the carpet mats first so they can began to dry.

Next spray a microfiber cloth with disinfectant and wipe down the entire interior, every nick and cranny. Now here is the key to eliminating the smoking odor in the vehicle. Pop the hood, locate the vents for the ventilation system. Turn on the air conditioner to the maximum level, full blast. Spray a blast of disinfectant directly into the ventilation system under the hood and close the doors. Success.

You may have avoided paying a fine in a non- smoking rental car. But wait, a call from a desperate (smoking ) renter asked if we could change the color of the smoking tape sensor in the rental car. I told the caller I had no knowledge of the tape smoke detector system. Does anyone know what the customer was talking about? If so leave a comment. Thanks.

Rockyj Owens